Thursday, 29 August 2013

Akihabara at a glance

These are both Akihabara guide map.

I don't know whiy... but Japanese version(left) has a bit more attractive characters on it.
And Foreigner version, it looks more classic style, maybe because it has a lot of Kanji letters...?

You can pick them up at JR Akihabara station. If you can't find it, somebody already took them! haha

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Snoopy x pocky

Pocky has been very much loved chocolate snack in Japan!
And I found this cute package!!!!

Backside is cuter, you can pull Snoopy's arms and hang them to the edge of your bag, bring it to everywhere. Surely cute, huh?

KitKat Big little - Salt & Caramel

This one is another funny stuff.

You can see this is a KitKat, but not in a usual shape. Also it is given a funny name [Big リトル] (Big little) WTF?!?!

Okay, the taste is as usual, a little bit fluffy than normal one. And salt and caramel flavour have been popular here.

Wanna repeat?  No.

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